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photographer based in Oroville CA

est. 2022

  • Green is my all time favorite color, especially dark forest green.
  • My favorite food is orange chicken and crab cream cheese wontons (but only from Gingers in Chico CA) otherwise asada street tacos
  • If I believe I can DIY something I will.
  • I have 6 siblings, 2 full, 1 half, and 3 bonus and I am the second oldest of the Seven
  • My birthday is on April fools day
  • You may have noticed I have a white streak in my hair. Its my birthmark, there is no pigment in that spot of my hair.


A few things
about me...

So, who is the lady behind the camera?

Mama of three, homemaker, light seeker, memory maker, storyteller

Hey friend, I'm so glad you're here. I am a photographer based in Butte County, California. I specialize in family, couples, and wedding photography. My approach to photography is laid back and relaxed. I strive to capture the raw, intimate moments and document the love of my clients.

Like most creatives, my love for art started from a very young age. But my passion for photography began in 2017. I was 19 years old and had just given birth to the sweetest baby boy. I knew I didn't want to miss a single memory! So I borrowed my mom's camera and began capturing every milestone, holiday, and anything I didn't want to forget. On my 21st birthday, my parents blessed me with my first DSLR. For the next two years, I took my camera everywhere I could. I did so many photoshoots for my friends and family. I felt like I had mastered my craft and truly fell in love with photography. In 2021, my amazing fiance bought me my current camera, a Canon EOS R.

Over the next year, I honed in on my strengths and weaknesses. I learned how to edit RAW images, proper exposure, and how to frame my photos, among many other things. In December 2022 I took a leap of faith, filed for my business license, and started my business. I am so incredibly thankful for everyone who has and continues to support me throughout this journey. I am so grateful for my amazing clients. Most of them have become friends and continue to trust me to capture their most precious memories. I could not do any of this without them.


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 As your photographer, my goal is to capture you and your loved ones just as you are. I want to show you all the raw beauty, the intricate details, and the precious memories you will cherish for decades to come. As you might have noticed, every session looks a little different. Lighting, weather conditions, and clothing play a huge part in the final images. I don't just slap on a preset and send the gallery your way. I spend hours culling and editing to make sure every photo is perfect. And sure, I could use fancy AI or hire someone to edit for me. But this is also my passion. Every image is hand edited by me and only me. My heart and soul go into my craft and I wouldnt have it any other way. 

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