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I am a Family, Couples, and Wedding photographer based in Butte County, California. I am a mama to two rambunctious little boys, and a brand new baby girl. Like most creatives, I developed a love for art at a very young age. But my passion for photography began when I had my oldest son in 2017. I fell in love with documenting him, from monthly milestones to holidays and family events. I took my camera everywhere I possibly could. Eventually, I developed a passion for taking pictures of friends and family. I shot everything from graduation photos to birthday parties. I finally leaped and started my business in December 2022. Other than being a mom, I can't imagine doing anything else.

Based in butte county


Northern California 

I'm Kayla

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Photos are a time capsule into moments otherwise forgotten. They are more precious than gold and silver, a tangible memory to hold onto forever . Can you imagine, decades from now your children, or your children's children looking through all of your most precious keepsakes. Imagine them finding your photos and being able to see all the love that created them. That is why I do what I do. I want to capture all the beautiful and intricate details that can often be overlooked. 

 As your photographer, my goal is to capture you and your loved ones just as you are. I want to show you all the raw beauty, the intricate details, and the precious memories you will cherish for decades to come. As you might have noticed, every session looks a little different. Lighting, weather conditions, and clothing play a huge part in the final images. I don't just slap on a preset and send the gallery your way. I spend hours culling and editing to make sure every photo is perfect. And sure, I could use fancy AI or hire someone to edit for me. But photography is my passion. Every image is hand edited by me and only me. My heart and soul go into my craft. 

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